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On the 13th of September 2014, the fourteen-day WeldCraft-Pro course was completed with success. The course was divided in two stages; the theoretical and the practical. The theoretical part lasts five days and includes among others, Safe underwater welding, Introduction to SMAW/MMA plant & equipment, Underwater welding techniques, Preparing to weld Electrode & weld terminology, Basic weldability & common weld defects encountered, Monitor & record welding operations QA/QC and welding procedures and Join carbon steel plates using standard techniques. On the sixth day the participants took a final exam on the material learned. In order to continue the course a minimum of 62% is required. During this six day period, dry welding practice was conducted simultaneously by all participants on Marex's site. The second stage of the course, practice on the Wet Welding techniques, started after the receival of the exams results. The Wet Welding practice contains among others, building up the ability and the skills of the Welder on the Drag, Oscillation and Step-back techniques. After the succesful completion of each and every welding exersice, the participants received the ticket to the final test day. On the 13th September, the final exam, testing practical skills, took place in the presence of the independent certified body, G.AT.S. Ltd. We are glad to announce that all four participants received their certificates from Speciality Welds, E.A.L. and G.A.T.S. Ltd.

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