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Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd contracted FSDS Russia with the aim to undertake a new Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) for the installation of sucrificial anodes at the "MOF Pier". FSDS Russia in its turn subcontracted and entrusted Marex Subsea Welds Ltd to perform all the necessary preparatory and on-site works in order to develop the new Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

Marex Subsea Welds' role was to carry out weldability trials in accordance with AWS D3.6M:2010 in order to qualify a procedure to enable welding of S275JR sacrificial anode U channel to the primary structure (MOF Pier) steel A570 Grade 36.

The on-site trials' duration was approximately ten (10) days. Marex had to provide apart from the suitable premises and equipment according to OGP rules, the appropriate materials, documentation (prerequisites documents for the trials, clarifications and proposals, dive project plan, risk assessment, welding method statement) and the working team (engineers, coded welders, diving team, HSE) for the trials.

Thoughout the duration of the welding trials, four (4) specimens both on butt and fillet weld were welded in PG (3F) and PG (3G) positions and more than twenty (20) laboratory tests were conducted. Non-Destructive and DestructiveTests have been made by two independent Laboratories, G.A.T.S. Ltd (NB#1935-GR) and Element Material Technology (NB#0891-UK). Although the initial client's requirement was to achieve Class B of welds in accordannce with AWS D3.6M:2010, laboratories reports showed Class A was achieved.

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