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MSSW-ABS Academy - Certified Maritime Center

Marex Subsea Welds Training Center has moved one more step further its function and has obtained a Certification from ABS Academy for its operation as a Training Center and its courses. This constitutes an inovation in the Diver/Welder Training Programs and Education.

After having closely worked and evaluated Marex's training facilities and courses, Mr. Lefteris Karaminas ABS Learning Center Manager - Europe Division and Mr. Titos Giannakakis Principal Learning Specialist - Europe Division, have attributed the Certificate to Marex Subsea Welds. Marex is the unique Diver/Welder Training Center that is Certified Maritime Training Center from ABS Academy and G-CMET Standard. We have jointly worked on matters of Company Profile and Responsibility, Training and Learning Management System, Organization Structure, Human Recourses and Administration, Data, Records and Documentation, Control of Acquired Products and Services, Planning and Control of Operations, Identification and Traceability, Inspection and Testing, Course Design Preparation, Staff Training and Assessment etc.

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