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New Coded Wet & Dry Welding Procedures

In March 2015, Marex developed and became certified by two independent bodies, the American Bureau of Shipping (A.B.S.) and the General Applications of Technology & Sciences (G.A.T.S. Ltd) in its tenth, eleventh, twelveth and thirteenth wet & dry welding procedures. These procedures were conducted in the company's facilities at in indoor 40m3 Water Tank and were performed in the presence of the two independent body representatives on behalf of Masirah International LLC. The procedures were in PG(3F)-Butt Weld, PB(2F)-Fillet Weld and PD(4F)-Fillet Weld positions and Dry Welding in PB(2F)-Fillet Weld& PF(3G)-Butt Weld, according to American Welding Society, AWS D3.6M:2010, Class A Type of Welds and EN ISO 9606-1:2013 type B of Welds.

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